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Software Solutions

The team of Software Engineers at PMS is dedicated towards successful implementation of Software Solutions for our clients. These are intended towards automating client’s day-to-day operations into much faster, streamlined and cost effective processes. We develop bespoke software solutions which address unique and customized business requirements. Our expertise lies in .NET technologies. Therefore we provide Web solutions based on ASP.NET and Mobile solutions based on Xamarin to cater all Mobile platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows.

Success Products

Sales Force Automation

Commonly known as PMS SFA. This enables to monitor the sales staff even though they operate in different geographical locations. Order processing, information sharing, inventory monitoring & control, sales forecasting, employee performance and customer evaluation are the other main features. The solution can be integrated into the customer's ERP system too.

Business to Business

This is intended for the exclusive use of our mother company and its franchisees for their Business to Business (B2B) eCommerce transactions. The access and usage of this website are by registration only. The web site allows registered users to raise and follow up orders online. Also PrimaDeli users can update and manage details related to orders, pricing, discounts and incentives.

Vehicle Queue Management System

The system is known as VQMS. It caters for our sister company to manage the potential queue generation and item loading from the warehouse. The system has automated the manual processes such as warehouse & chute availability, vehicle quality check, starting & ending loading and loading delay etc.

Route Classification System

This is a survey tool used to collect information of all outlets island wide, Through RCS we have the facility to recognize outlets that are using a particular product, capture purchase pattern of the outlet, potential of the outlet and other companies/ competitors serving the outlet and validate outlets that are productive and unproductive.

Fund Transfer System

We call it FTS! A requirement to manage additional payments for the staff members is facilitated in the system. The solution is provided for a sister company. A privileged user can assign payments for a selected employee through the system.

Voucher Management System

A system to manage Gift Vouchers! We have developed it to cater the requirements of our mother company. This is a web based system that is used internally to track issued Gift Vouchers and redeemed Gift Vouchers.

Laboratory Management System

A system to manage laboratory test specimens and their test results is developed for one of our sister companies. This also is a web based system that includes a workflow of activities starting from sample collection, sample testing, result submitting and sample approval or rejection.

Fleet Management System

FMS developed by our engineers is used to control the entire life cycle of commercial vehicles as well as the related risk reduction, improved effectiveness and increased productivity. Driver and vehicle management, booking requests, vehicle maintenance management, reports and dashboard are some of the key features of the system.

Project Management Tool

PMT is a comprehensive solution that incorporates all the characteristics that project management software require. The key features include assigning user roles, task delegating, check on your team’s progress and reporting. This provides a substitute for emailing and a bunch of other tools, incorporating various project management characteristics under one roof.